Piloting the new affiliate TraderTracker with Google ads account defense

[Part 1] Google Ads Account Suspension and Appeals

I went home this evening, turned on my computer as usual, and a new email popped up in the bottom right corner of my desktop mailbox. I clicked on it and saw that there were affiliate marketing emails and affi.io subscription emails, all sorts of familiar senders. , the one email I least expected to see popped up -



Word OMG, there won't be another ads account suspended, will there? Although it's basically possible to appeal back now, it's always uncomfortable to be suspended. I quickly clicked into the e-mail to see, this ads account ID some good a little familiar, the reason for suspension is "counterfeit goods" ......

Slightly confused, this reason has not been seen for a long time. Recent common Google ads suspension reasons are just a few categories: either the most common "avoidance strategies", or not on time "advertiser verification" or "business" verification. Verification", the other "counterfeit" or "malware" or "unimportant business behavior" are less common.

Quickly logged into the Google ads account to find out: locate the corresponding ID account, it turned out to be a previous advertiser verification did not pass, has been suspended users, this time again because of "counterfeit" and "seal on the seal! "...... I am very speechless. Last time several accounts to advertiser verification, the same thing, the other are unblocked, just this household to me back, but also listed a whole lot of reasons, and is the English mail. The private letter thought that this account encountered another audit team, too strict, not to unblock.

Compare and contrast the different treatment of different accounts with the same complaint -



The reply says that it now looks as if the complaint was passed as "Advertiser Verification" and failed as "Business Operations", which is obviously business verification. This also proves the result that I have been communicating with my friends: customer verification is very good, business verification is more difficult.

However, in Google ads background, it keeps prompting the need for advertiser verification again. Forget about it, I have time to re-seriously complain, after all, the old account is still very precious, can save one is one.




【Part 2】 New Alliance TradeTracker Application

At present, there are fewer and fewer affiliate spaces currently running, and I recently found a fairly old European Union - TradeTracker, and I'm ready to try it out for a while. In the forum searched, there is not much discussion, only the coalition side of the previous two years into the forum to post a post.

Tried signing up last night, and compared to top tier affiliates like awin/flexoffers, theirs is a lot easier. It also omits four steps, but the options for each step and filling them out are relatively simple. After successfully submitting, I waited about 15 minutes and received an email to activate my email before it went to the manual review stage. I opened my email this evening and received the account acceptance email.

Getting ready to feel it out later, hopefully there will be some good offers to run with.

【Part 3】 Commission stops, March income miserable

Today and one day the penny commission withdrawals arrived, not much, just more than 50 dollars. Looked at the overall income, the commission in March is about half of February, in fact, it is down a lot. Therefore, to do alliance must be prepared for danger, do not feel that every day have some "sleep after income" to be satisfied. To buy more ad accounts, buy more affiliate accounts, test more offers, and be sure to learn more about other media buying techniques. In case when Google ads placement involved in the case of a big increase in the output of the entrance to the big rise, how to do? Other pop/push to slowly learn up, Facebook/tiktok also more dabbling, website construction/SEO can not be taken down ......



So is freelancing really easy? First of all, if you don't want to do your own tech and move bricks and mortar, but want to do training for others, and want to make money "selling water", you still need to get your hands on the skills. If purely empty gloves, cut new leeks, an idle not long, the second conscience is also uneasy about it.

Pulled the old half day, today and water more than a thousand words. Standing on the tail of March, these days to imagine the second quarter of action and goals. It's not the various monetary costs that are most anemic right now, it's your time. When the time is right and the work is done, there will always be a good harvest waiting for you.

Common Encouragement!


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