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3AAA Top Blockchain Game Illuvium: A Comprehensive Guide for Newbies to Secure 25 Million ILV + 50 Million IMX Airdrops

3AAA Top Blockchain Game Illuvium: A Comprehensive Guide for Newbies to Secure 25 Million ILV + 50 Million IMX Airdrops


In the realm of blockchain gaming, the 3A blockchain game "Illuvium" has garnered attention with its unique game design and generous reward mechanisms. This article provides a detailed beginner's guide to help you quickly get started with the game and participate in activities to earn up to 25 million ILV and 50 million IMX in airdrops.


I. Game Introduction

"Illuvium" is a blockchain game that combines role-playing and collection elements. Players can cast land blueprints and earn substantial rewards by engaging in various in-game activities.

II. Beginner's Tutorial

  1. Casting Land Blueprints: The game offers a detailed tutorial on how to cast land blueprints, which are an essential resource within the game.
  2. Participating in Beta Testing: By joining the WGC community, you will have the opportunity to draw beta codes, gain early access to the game, and participate in a $25 million airdrop.
  3. Those who want invitation code Please click here to add me.

III. Airdrop Event

  • Scale of Airdrop: The airdrop event for "Illuvium" is one of the largest in the history of game finance (gamefi), with a total value of $75 million.
  • Participation Method: By registering for the game's beta test, players will have the chance to receive airdrop rewards in ILV and IMX.
  • Since I have already obtained an invitation code, I will now demonstrate step by step how to download Illuvium into the blockchain and prepare everything to receive the airdrop.

     Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Illuvium and Preparing for the Airdrop


    With your invitation code in hand, you're one step closer to entering the world of Illuvium and securing your share of the airdrop rewards. Follow this guide to navigate the process of downloading the game and getting ready to claim your rewards.

    Step 1: Obtain an Invitation Code

    • Prerequisite: Before you begin, ensure you have a valid invitation code for Illuvium.

    • testnet awaits

    Step 2: Access the Illuvium Download Page  Download and Install the Game

    • Action: Navigate to the  Epic Store or the platform where the game is available for download.

    Step 3: Create or Access Your Blockchain Wallet Create your illuvium passport

    • Explanation: To participate in the airdrop and manage your ILV and IMX rewards, you will need a blockchain wallet compatible with the Illuvium ecosystem. Create your illuvium passport.
    •  illuvium beta 4
    • claim testnet eth
      claim testnet eth

      if you don't have eth in your passport

      , you need choose the second ,and Transfer a bit of ETH

    • transfer a bit of eth
      transfer a bit of eth 
      connect your wallet
      connect your wallet
      sepolia test net

    Step 4: Complete the Registration and Setup

    • Details: Finish setting up your account, including security measures and profile customization.

    Step 5: Play the Game And Understand the Game Mechanics

    • Advice: Familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics, including casting land blueprints and other key features.
      play the game
      play the game  it has two part one is arena and another is overworld. 
      arena  overworld
      arena overworld   

      mission and controls

      missions and controls over world
      missions and controls 
      fight with illuvium Beast
      fight with illuvium Beast
      illuvium beast card
      illuvium beast card

    Step 6: Participate in Airdrop Activities

    • Strategy:Engage in the activities outlined by Illuvium to qualify for the airdrop rewards. Currently, in the Illuvium 4 Beta, participants can share in 20,000 ILV tokens based on their gameplay duration. 

    Step 7: Monitor Your Wallet for Rewards

    • Attention: Keep an eye on your blockchain wallet for the arrival of your ILV and IMX airdrop tokens.

IV. Game Features

  • 3A Production Quality: The game boasts 3A-level graphics and sound, providing an immersive gaming experience for players.
  • Rich Rewards: In addition to the airdrop event, the game offers various ways to earn rewards, such as participating in battles and completing missions.


"Illuvium" is more than just a game; it also provides players with a platform to earn cryptocurrency. With this guide, you can quickly master the basic gameplay and join in this unprecedented airdrop event.

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