Illuvium Prediction – 2023, 2024, 2026


When does Illuvium open beta come?

don’t have an exact day for launch at this time. Here are the latest trailer below. But now that have all 3 main games in Beta/Alpha currently are another step closer to being ready.

In 2023 Illuvials, Illuvitars, Arena And Land in Beta/Alpha .

There are three game modes:
1) Illuvium Zero
2) Illuvium Overworld
3) Illuvium Arena (Survivor, PVP and Tournaments)



Illuvitar sales are March 7th. The whole team has done such an amazing job so far. There is no doubt that illuvium will change the gaming industry forever.


About illuvitars 

Player’s profile picture is an illuvitar which is composed of multiple layers withbillions of combinations. It will be available for purchase on the IllvuiDex  the  official Illuvium exchange.  Once purchased, connect your account and wallet to use your Illuvitar across all Illuvium games.Illuvitars have distinct expressions, backgrounds, and finishes that differ in rarity and determine the power level. Bond accessories to your Illuvitar to customise it. There are five accessory slots for your Illuvitar: skin, body, eyewear, headwear, and props. Accessories have varying rarities that boost the power of your Illuvitar. There are billions of potential combinations so your Illuvitar can be one-of-a-kind.

IlluviTars and Accessories are sold in two types of D1sks, a Basic D1sk and a Mega D1sk that contain a guaranteed rare Illuvitar or accessory. You can load your D1sk immediately, save it for later, or sell it on the IlluviDEX. The choice is yours. The Illuvitars Album is a collection game where you can climb the leaderboard, gain points for completing milestones and collections, and earn prizes.To learn more about  first Illuvitars sale, including  limited edition promotional Illuvitars, register on http://join.illuvium.io/illuvitars

So you know,in 2023 Illuvium will bring about a revolutionary release where the in-game assets are limited, and players work in partnership with the development company to determine the direction of the game. The players’ assets will not be controlled by the development company, and everything will be on the Ethereum blockchain.

February 28, 2023 

Illuvitars: Deep Dive + NFT Showcase (w/ Rogier & Aaron Warwick) — Illuvium Insider

March 7th, 2023 Head of Concept Art Rogier provides a crash course in Illuvitars, with a design showcase and LIVE demo by Aaron Warwick in this EP of Illuvium Insider, hosted by Andrew Wall.This 24-hour LIVE party features D1sk Openings, giveaways, non-stop special guests and fun surprises, hosted by Andrew Wall.

We can see that  IllviDex will be improve for exchange player’s assets.For example: Illuvitars. 

After that the open version for all players will be published in  2023 . 

In 2024,illuviary will be published.

In 2025, Governance will be published.

In 2026, Gallery will be published 

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