AFF Diary: The Media Buy Myth? Replacement of old and new offers and commission settlement

Instead of writing a long story today, simply record some of the things that have recently run the offer.

(1) About media buy and SEO have done SEO know that we all start from white hats, and many times, companies do SEO, considering brand image and other issues, do not consider gray hats/black hats. However, if it is an individual doing SEO, my personal principle is: as long as it does not violate the law, to a certain extent does not violate morality and public order and good customs, call it black, white and gray, can you make money? "Regardless of black cats and white cats, those who can catch mice are good cats!"

Don't care if others despise it or not, making money is your own business. If you like to use pop/push traffic to run traditional media buy, you can also build your own website to engage in SEO traffic and hang AdSense to generate income

(2)A league that is currently running, and some offers that had run well before, have dropped. So the recent "after-sleep income" has declined somewhat, and in many cases it is only one-sixth or one-seventh of the original peak. Remembering the goals set this year, the only way to speed up testing offers and expand and learn more strategies is for them.

Yesterday I tested an offer, a shopping platform that is a bit of a public welfare nature. The traffic is not high, not even 100K. But after the ad is online, the measured traffic is okay, and today I am ready to hang up the affiliate link to see how the order works.


(3) Regarding commission settlement

The last commission of an alliance, a hundred knives was finally collected today. At this point, all commissions for last year's run have been fully credited. Due to the disapproval problem in the ADS account, it will not be run for the time being. Another platform also has a 1w + commission settlement today, look at the one mentioned before, you can push all kinds of gun's outdoor products offer January commission.

Unfortunately, this offer can't run in this third-level league for the time being.
Tomorrow, go find out which one its top offer is, and continue to open the whole thing. There is also a small thing, the router at home has been replaced with a gigabit router, the previous one was 450m, and it was completely unable to play the speed of 500MB broadband. Now the network speed has soared, and the download speed can reach the theoretical downlink speed of 500MB broadband 62.5MB/s. Even on Google Ads, advertising is still quite fast and much more efficient!

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools!

Today I will simply nag here and continue to screen offers and advertise.
Good luck everyone, big win!


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