Recommended three WordPress plugins for doing landing page

1. Wpastra

Astra is a fast, fully customizable and beautiful theme for blogs, personal portfolios, business websites and WooCommerce storefronts. It is very lightweight (front-end less than 50KB) and provides unparalleled speed experience.


This plugin is more suitable for those who have more experience in building websites, or seasoned SEOers, and is a bit more demanding to use. If you will be a little technical, you can make better use of it, Wpastra is the best choice for you.


2, Divi

Divi is more suitable for people who know a little front-end code and will design, you can make a very beautiful effect with it. If you are running fashion, women's clothing and other offers, this is used to do lp that is when appropriate.

3, Brizy

Brizy is an open source page builder plugin contributed by WooThemes for the WordPress community. To date, it has become the world's most popular page builder.


Comparatively speaking, Brizy is easier to use and more newbie-friendly. It has everything it should have, but it's a bit hard to make it extra cool if you want to.

Brizy is recommended for newbies, it's easy to get started and the depth of functionality can be tapped into on your own, it's also very powerful and there are global templates that can be made once and used across sites.

Note that these plugins are paid. In the event that you need to create a beautiful LANDING PAGE to get offers and earn commissions. You have to believe that the payment is worth it.


I won't give the official website or anything here.

Just Google it!



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