Successfully Appealing a Google Ads Account Suspension

For those who use Google Ads, the term "account suspension due to circumvention systems" is likely all too familiar. It's one of the most common reasons why Google suspends accounts. According to Google's explanation, the circumvention system is in place to...


Last year, I faced multiple suspensions of my Ads accounts due to the circumvention system, rendering me unable to run any advertisements. To lift the suspension, the only recourse was to appeal to Google. This involved submitting contact information, details about the suspended account, website information, the number of violating accounts, specific advertising operations, payment details, and payment methods, all while awaiting Google's review.

It's said that Google Ads account reviews involve a combination of automated processes and manual reviews, with many manual reviews conducted by Google support teams. Therefore, there isn't a fixed template for such appeals; they evolve continuously. After some successful appeals and a few unsuccessful ones last year, I grew weary of the process and resorted to a workaround: immediately removing the circumvention and creating a new account.

This year, Google Ads has tightened its requirements for new accounts. While not all new accounts may face the circumvention system, they are highly likely to undergo "account ad verification" and "account business verification." The former is relatively straightforward, but "business verification" is considerably more complex, and I have yet to pass it. Consequently, I embarked on the arduous task of identifying and meticulously appealing old accounts suspended due to circumvention.

The good news is that one of the accounts has been successfully reinstated. New accounts can never quite compare to old ones in terms of performance. Moving forward, I plan to gradually appeal for the reactivation of my old accounts while continuing to apply for new ones to ensure a consistently manageable number of active accounts.

From my personal experience, affiliate accounts and offers are minor concerns compared to the gravity of Google Ads account issues. If your Google Ads account encounters problems, gets suspended, or is denied access, that's a far more significant issue. It's like a knight without a trusty sword.

Over the weekend, I launched an American beauty e-commerce offer with a standard average order value and commission rate. It's yet to generate any sales, so I'm patiently waiting for results. Additionally, there's an outlet offer with promising traffic and keywords; I'm eagerly anticipating data from that campaign.

Moreover, I had some outstanding commissions from another affiliate platform, totaling over a hundred dollars, and it's finally time for payout. My relationship with this platform has been a mixed bag due to certain reasons, causing me to pause running their offers for a while. However, after some contemplation, I decided to give it another shot and filter out the lucrative offers for further promotion.

Time flies, and we've already entered the second half of 2023, with less than four months remaining. Let's keep working hard to secure those earnings!


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