This year’s small goal for making money through affiliate marketing

This year’s small goal for making money through affiliate marketing is to earn $40,000 in actual income. Although this goal may not be enough for many experts, it is a realistic target for me. The majority of my income this year comes from last year’s commission, which took a long time to settle.

I have been feeling that time passes faster and faster since I graduated from college and entered society. As an ordinary person, I have a routine life like most people, including dating, marriage, buying a house, having children, and raising children.

To make life more exciting for decades to come, I want to earn more money while I am still young. With money, I can make my parents live better for longer, let my children enjoy better growth, and improve the quality of life for myself and my family. Why not do it?

This year, I will focus on affiliate marketing and gradually transform it into another career outside of work. If I were ten years younger, I might quit my job for half a year and focus on affiliate marketing to see what I could achieve. Now that I am middle-aged, stability is more important than passion.

Last year’s plan for making money this year mainly focused on two directions: continuing to cultivate affiliate marketing and trying POD mode cross-border e-commerce. After all, regular e-commerce can make more money and is more controllable. After the New Year, a former colleague who resigned before the New Year to do e-commerce live streaming invited me to drink tea together. He and his wife are doing vertical women’s clothing category live streaming and have already gained a lot of experience and skills. They earn at least $500k per month. He asked me to join him in selling clothes in the United States. Isn’t earning US dollars more attractive?

Recently, I received three small commissions totaling over $4k last week. Recently, new offers have also produced commissions and positive ROI, but the investment ratio is not very good, probably around 1-2. However, this is within expectations because the customer unit price of this offer is relatively low. For this kind of offer that is not very profitable but can still make money with a small budget, multiple offer combinations are a good choice if you want to maintain stable “sleep income.”

That’s all for today. The weekend is coming soon. I plan to spend Saturday making money at home while my wife takes our child to an interest class and spend Sunday outside. After all, making money is not everything in life.

I will share this offer with the group soon. Welcome to join us! If you have any questions or suggestions about my articles or anything else related to affiliate marketing, please feel free to ask me.





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