"Affiliate Talk" Episode 1: Discussing Progress Towards This Month's Income Goal

The previous article was written on Saturday, October 8th, and it's been three days since then. It's not that I didn't want to write; in fact, I have a lot on my mind that I want to share and document. However, it's not easy to openly write about these things during work hours, and when I get back home after work, I don't really feel like opening the computer's public editor. Being able to barely open the computer, take a quick look at my affiliate account, and the ad dashboard is good enough for me.

Yesterday, two new friends started following me, perhaps they came from a search or maybe from the "explore" section. Anyway, welcome to all the readers and friends. This public account has just started, primarily to document some of my daily side hustles for making money. The account's name is "affiliate ads marketing," but the content may not be limited to just that. I'll write about affiliate advertising, media buying, domains, website building, SEO, SEM, and more—anything related to traffic.

"Traffic is money, my friends."

    • Today, I've started a new topic for myself - "Affiliate Talk." If industry experts were to see it, they might find it amusing, but who cares? I'll say what comes to mind. Additionally, there's another topic that primarily covers the basics of affiliate marketing, which might be a bit dry. Today's topic will be more relaxed and enjoyable, like chatting and sharing experiences. I'll try to keep it organized.Income Records

      I set a goal for myself to reach $1500 in side income for October. Today is already October 11th, one-third of the month has passed, so let's start by summarizing the income for the first 10 days.

      Affiliate network A

    • Recently, my commission income has been intermittent, mainly because I haven't released the advertising budget. As of yesterday, my total income was £46.28, and I started this offer around mid-September. Looking at my records, the income from October 1st to 10th is $41.56. 

    • Affiliate network D
    • This is a Tier-3 domestic affiliate, and I've been running one offer for a long time. Unfortunately, the advertiser noticed it and it got taken down. I also started a new offer with low commission rates and low average order value, resulting in an overall ROI of just over 2%. It's a bit tough. This month, I've earned RMB 1743.77, which is approximately $242.84 in USD. 
    • Affiliate network L
    • Another Tier-3 domestic affiliate, running for two months, mainly relying on a high-quality offer. Last month, I had to pause it due to Google Ads account suspension, and this month, orders and commissions are coming in because I'm still in the offer's RD. From the 1st to the 10th of this month, I received 3 orders, totaling $76.57 in commission.Adding it all up, $41.56 + $242.84 + $76.57 = $360.97, which is 72% of the $500 goal.

      No, I need to quickly test some profitable offers to make up for it. Otherwise, as the RD time decreases day by day, my income will only go down, not up.

      Future Plans

      Today is Tuesday, and there are four days left in this week. Let's set a goal: I need to test 10 or more offers. At least one of them should have an ROI of 2 or higher. Let's go. No more being laid-back, more effort means more rewards.

      That's all for now.


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