"Illuvium is a lifestyle."

Illuvium: More Than Just a Cryptocurrency Game."Illuvium is a lifestyle.".

This statement may seem outlandish to some, but for those who have embraced the digital world of Illuvium, it represents a way of life that extends far beyond the realm of gaming and cryptocurrency. Illuvium is more than just a game; it is a community, a culture, and a movement that embodies the spirit of the digital age.

At its core, Illuvium is a cryptocurrency game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy, sell, and trade virtual assets using the platform's innovative NFT technology. These assets can be used to purchase, breed, evolve, and battle creatures within the game. However, Illuvium is not just about digital assets and gaming. It is about the freedom to create, the power to innovate, and the limitless potential of the blockchain.

For many, Illuvium represents a new way of life. It is a place where creativity and imagination are celebrated, where innovation and entrepreneurship are rewarded, and where the traditional boundaries of the physical world no longer apply. In this sense, Illuvium is a lifestyle that embodies the values and aspirations of a new generation of digital natives.

Illuvium is more than just a game or a platform; it is a movement that is transforming the way we think about the intersection of technology, culture, and society. As more and more people join the Illuvium community, they are discovering a world of possibilities that extends far beyond the confines of the virtual world. They are creating new businesses, building new communities, and forging new relationships that are changing the way we interact with one another and the world around us.

In conclusion, while some may see Illuvium as just another cryptocurrency game, it is much more than that. It is a lifestyle, a culture, and a movement that is redefining the way we think about technology and the future. Illuvium is not just a game; it is a vision of what is possible when we combine innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship with the power of the blockchain. So, if you are looking for a new way of life, join the Illuvium community today and discover the limitless potential of the digital world.


Illuvium Prediction – 2023, 2024, 2026


When does Illuvium open beta come?

don't have an exact day for launch at this time. Here are the latest trailer below. But now that have all 3 main games in Beta/Alpha currently are another step closer to being ready.

In 2023 Illuvials, Illuvitars, Arena And Land in Beta/Alpha .

There are three game modes:
1) Illuvium Zero
2) Illuvium Overworld
3) Illuvium Arena (Survivor, PVP and Tournaments)

Illuvitar sales are March 7th. The whole team has done such an amazing job so far. There is no doubt that illuvium will change the gaming industry forever.

About illuvitars 

Player's profile picture is an illuvitar which is composed of multiple layers withbillions of combinations. It will be available for purchase on the IllvuiDex  the  official Illuvium exchange.  Once purchased, connect your account and wallet to use your Illuvitar across all Illuvium games.Illuvitars have distinct expressions, backgrounds, and finishes that differ in rarity and determine the power level. Bond accessories to your Illuvitar to customise it. There are five accessory slots for your Illuvitar: skin, body, eyewear, headwear, and props. Accessories have varying rarities that boost the power of your Illuvitar. There are billions of potential combinations so your Illuvitar can be one-of-a-kind.

IlluviTars and Accessories are sold in two types of D1sks, a Basic D1sk and a Mega D1sk that contain a guaranteed rare Illuvitar or accessory. You can load your D1sk immediately, save it for later, or sell it on the IlluviDEX. The choice is yours. The Illuvitars Album is a collection game where you can climb the leaderboard, gain points for completing milestones and collections, and earn prizes.To learn more about  first Illuvitars sale, including  limited edition promotional Illuvitars, register on http://join.illuvium.io/illuvitars

So you know,in 2023 Illuvium will bring about a revolutionary release where the in-game assets are limited, and players work in partnership with the development company to determine the direction of the game. The players' assets will not be controlled by the development company, and everything will be on the Ethereum blockchain.

February 28, 2023 

Illuvitars: Deep Dive + NFT Showcase (w/ Rogier & Aaron Warwick) -- Illuvium Insider

March 7th, 2023 Head of Concept Art Rogier provides a crash course in Illuvitars, with a design showcase and LIVE demo by Aaron Warwick in this EP of Illuvium Insider, hosted by Andrew Wall.This 24-hour LIVE party features D1sk Openings, giveaways, non-stop special guests and fun surprises, hosted by Andrew Wall.

We can see that  IllviDex will be improve for exchange player's assets.For example: Illuvitars. 

After that the open version for all players will be published in  2023 . 

In 2024,illuviary will be published.

In 2025, Governance will be published.

In 2026, Gallery will be published 


Content on the Illuvium.life website and social media does not constitute financial advice. You are responsible for doing your own research and seeking independent professional advice about your involvement with the Illuvium DAO and any Illuvium products or services. Illuvium products (such as tokens including ILV, sILV2, Land NFTs) and services (Illuvium game) are not financial products and accordingly the Illuvium DAO is not licensed by any regulator. Please be on constant alert for scams.

Predicting the Rise and Fall of Illuvium Cryptocurrency ILV in 2023 and 2024

Illuvium is a new and exciting cryptocurrency that has captured the attention of investors and gamers alike. It is the native token of the Illuvium GameFi platform, which combines gaming and decentralized finance in a unique and innovative way. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Illuvium's past performance and use that to predict its future price movements in 2023 and 2024.

Illuvium was launched in early 2021, and its price has seen some significant ups and downs since then. After a brief period of volatility, the token reached an all-time high of $523.20 in early September 2021. However, it then experienced a sharp correction and dropped to a low of $163.16 in mid-October.

Since then, Illuvium's price has been on an upward trajectory once again, reaching $315.24 by the end of 2021. So, what can we expect for 2023 and 2024?

Based on Illuvium's past performance and current trends, we can make some predictions. First, it's important to note that the cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly based on a range of factors, including market sentiment, news events, and the performance of the wider economy.

That being said, Illuvium has several factors working in its favor that could help drive its price higher in 2023 and 2024. For one, the Illuvium GameFi platform is still relatively new, and its user base and popularity are likely to continue to grow in the coming years. This could lead to increased demand for the Illuvium token and push its price higher.

Additionally, the team behind Illuvium has a strong track record of innovation and development, and they are constantly adding new features and improvements to the platform. This could help to further boost demand for the token and support its price.

Of course, there are also risks to consider. The wider cryptocurrency market could experience another crash, which could drag Illuvium's price down with it. Regulatory crackdowns or negative news events could also impact the token's price.

Taking all of these factors into account, we predict that Illuvium's price could continue to rise in 2023 and 2024, potentially reaching highs of $800 to $1,000 or more. However, this is just a prediction, and there are no guarantees in the cryptocurrency market. Investors should always do their own research and invest responsibly.

Illuvium is a promising cryptocurrency that is still in its early stages of development. While there are risks to consider, we believe that its innovative platform, dedicated team, and growing user base could help drive its price higher in the coming years. As always, investors should proceed with caution and do their due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency.


Illuvium, a blockchain game: Introduction to its economic model.

Illuvium is a highly playable and visually stunning Gamefi product, making it one of the most anticipated games today! Apart from the game's graphics and gameplay, many players are concerned about an important topic - the game's economic model.

game come to blockchain

The health of the economic model determines the game's input-output ratio and ultimately whether the game's playability can be sustained. Games with poor economic models can spiral into death upon launch, with the collapse of the token price causing many to leave. On the other hand, games with excellent economic models can attract more and more players to join the camp, generating a continuous stream of income through constant gameplay. So let's take a closer look at Illuvium's economic model - what it is, and why it is evaluated as continuously healthy, fair, and stable!

Illuvium has adopted a dual-token model to create its own economic system. The main token is called ILV, with a total supply of 10 million tokens. The ILV tokens were distributed starting from April 2021 and will be fully distributed within three years.

Angel investors have acquired 500,000 tokens, which will begin to unlock linearly after three years of staking.

The second round of investors received 1.5 million tokens, which will also begin to unlock linearly starting from June 30th, 2021.

The Illuvium management team holds 1.5 million tokens, with 1.4 million held by senior executives and 10,000 held by other team members. These tokens are required to be staked until June 30th, 2022 before they can be unlocked.

The Illuvium autonomous organization, ILVDAO, holds 1.5 million tokens. If the DAO wishes to use ILV, it must be approved by the board of directors. 15,000 of the 1.5 million tokens are reserved for market airdrop rewards.

One million tokens were sold through the IDO public sale.

another rising blockchain star

The tournament battles, quests, and daily challenges offer a total reward of 1 million tokens.

A total of 3 million tokens are allocated as staking rewards.

ILV is the token associated with Illuvium. It is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and has three primary functions:

Governance: We can collectively shape the future of Illuvium through community-driven game proposals and the initial governance model of electing the Illuvium committee. ILV grants voting rights within the protocol.

Liquidity mining: Here, you can earn more ILV (or sILV). Staking ILV earns you ILV rewards, giving you a share of the treasury allocation.

Dividends: When you stake ILV, you share in Illuvium's success, with in-game purchases and fees and other game revenues distributed as passive income to ILV stakers. Dividends will only be available after the launch and after the game and Illuvidex exchange are released. 100% of the game and sales revenue will be shared among ILV stakers.

The auxiliary token sILV2 is a synthetic ILV token used as an in-game voucher. It can be obtained by staking ILV in the protocol. Like ETH, sILV2 can be used as currency to purchase in-game items such as weapons, skins, and land. When sILV2 is claimed, ILV is destroyed, causing the price of ILV to rise. The price of sILV2 is equal to the value of ILV, and every time one sILV2 is claimed, one ILV is burned, resulting in price stability.

The Fuel token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with an infinite total supply. There are three types of Fuel tokens: Crypton, Hyperino, and Solon. They can be earned by mining through purchasing land NFTs and building mines in the Illuvium Zero game. The accumulated Fuel can be sold to the DAO for ETH via the Balancer pool. As the main in-game consumption token, players need to purchase Fuel from the DAO through Balancer. The more a player spends, the higher the demand for Fuel, and the higher the price, resulting in higher profits for the ZERO address.

Staking is an important means for players to earn rewards. The distribution ratio for staking mining is 80% for ILV/ETH pair staking and 20% for single ILV staking. The reward amount is adjusted every two weeks to 97% of the previous amount. In addition, 100% of game revenue is also distributed to ILV stakers. Mining rewards can accumulate and roll over within each distribution cycle to avoid high GAS fees. ILV rewards can be withdrawn weekly (with GAS cost). By locking the mined ILV for a long time, players can gain a certain weight multiplier, up to 2x (with a 12-month lock). The weight multiplier increases by 1/12 for every additional month of lock-up. Players can also choose to receive sILV2 tokens, which can be used in-game and allow holders to spend their rewards effectively within 12 months, similar to early interest withdrawal.

Illuvium has even grander plans for its token model, and the return on investment for ILV holders who stake their tokens will differ from 2021 to 2025. In 2021, as the game has not yet launched, ILV holders can only rely on the appreciation of the token's value and staking rewards as their returns. In 2022, with the game launched, they can also earn a 100% game distribution, in addition to the token's value and staking rewards. The revenue from the land auction will also be fully distributed to ILV holders who stake before June 2nd. In 2023, with the launch of the second game, the demand for ILV will continue to rise, and there will be a 100% game revenue distribution (G1+G2) on top of staking rewards. In 2024, the addition of G3 revenue will further boost the value of the token, and in 2025, G4 revenue will be added.

Do you understand Illuvium's token economic model from the above description? ILV has already been listed on centralized exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, and KuCoin, as well as decentralized exchanges such as Sushi and 1inch, with the single ILV token price once exceeding $1900. The enthusiasm and expectations for Illuvium are evident!

A robust economic model is the fundamental cornerstone for the long-term success of a game, and Illuvium has us eagerly anticipating an excellent, comprehensive work with great gameplay, playability, and sustainability!

What is Illuvium Game

Illuvium is a blockchain game set in an open-world RPG background. Players collect creatures called Illuvials, each with their own profession and affinity. There are five professions and five affinities, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. As players defeat other players and complete quests, their Illuvials become stronger.

On Ethereum, Illuvium has two ERC-20 projects in addition to BTC: ILV (Illuvium) and sILV. Token holders can use ILV for liquidity mining, governance participation, and earning rewards. ILV rewards have a lock-up period, but players can use sILV immediately in the game.

Illuvium also uses NFTs to represent each Illuvial and in-game items, which can also be traded on external NFT markets. To earn ILV and sILV, players can purchase tokens on Binance and begin staking on Illuvium's staking platform. They can also stake a partner's tokens in their Flash Pool to earn ILV.

Introduction In recent years, blockchain technology has seen explosive growth in the gaming field. However, we have yet to see a game with sufficient budget and quality. Illuvium promises to deliver a higher-level blockchain gaming experience, exploring the metaverse and the game monetization model. But how will they achieve this? After the game's release, will there be a way to achieve the promised depth of gameplay?

How does Illuvium work? Illuvium is an open-world RPG blockchain game built on Ethereum and set to launch in 2022. Players will travel throughout a fantasy world, battling and capturing creatures called Illuvials. Once added to your collection, these creatures can be used in battles with other players or in completing quests and challenges in the Illuvium story experience.

Illuvium also has its own tokens, ILV and sILV, as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing creatures, upgrades, and functional items. The game is designed to allow players to earn ILV tokens as they complete challenges, tasks, and battles, providing a play-to-earn feature.

During the development stage, Illuvium is set to release as a desktop application that can be downloaded after creating an account. The game is offered in both a free-to-play and a subscription mode.

The core mechanism of the Illuvium project is collecting and customizing your NFT Illuvials. Each Illuvial in the game has an affinity and a profession, and strong enough Illuvials can even combine their professions and affinities. When Illuvials with the same affinity and profession are used together in battles, they provide a synergy bonus. This creates a tactical choice for players in using and collecting Illuvials. Users can also merge their Illuvials to create new ones and increase their strength after reaching a certain level.

To capture an Illuvial, you must include it in a fragment. The more powerful the Illuvial, the more powerful the fragment needs to be to successfully capture it. If your Illuvial is injured, it will begin to heal in the fragment over time. However, you can speed up this process by paying a fee or using items to accelerate the recovery of its health. Some Illuvials are particularly rare and are displayed as shiny, golden, or holographic images.

Careers in Illuvium Illuvium has five different careers: Warrior, Guardian, Sorcerer, Thief, and Empath, with specific details of their differences yet to be released. When building a team, players should consider the synergies between careers and affinities, particularly when creating mixed careers for Sublimation. For example, a Berserker combines a Warrior Illuvial with a Thief Illuvial. You can also combine two of the same career to create an Illuvial with special abilities of that career.

Affinities in Illuvium Illuvium has five affinities: Air, Nature, Fire, Water, and Earth. Depending on the affinity type, each Illuvial will deal and receive different levels of damage. For example, a Water Illuvial will deal extra damage to a Fire Illuvial but weaker damage to an Earth Illuvial. You can mix the five affinities of Sublimated Illuvials to form an affinity combination, such as Dust (Air and Earth) or Frost (Air and Water).

Other properties of Illuvium In addition to level and affinity, each Illuvial has other properties that determine its strength, health, speed, and damage. Your Illuvials will become stronger as they win more battles. You can also search for or purchase in-game items, or craft with components, to improve the specific attributes of certain Illuvials.

What is the Illuvium (ILV) token? Illuvium (ILV) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that has various uses in the game and ecosystem. The price of ILV is determined by the success of the game and its utility in staking, and there are two different forms of tokens: ILV and sILV. The ILV reward vesting period is one year, but players can use sILV immediately in the game. The total supply of ILV and sILV is 3 million, so the supply is limited. As many users have staked their tokens, the circulating supply is even lower. ILV has three main uses:

  1. Players can earn ILV rewards based on their success and achievements in the game.
  2. Holders can stake ILV in the Illuvium Vault and earn rewards in ILV or sILV.
  3. Holders can participate in game governance through the Illuvium decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Illuvinati Council allows community collaboration to create proposals for game improvements and changes to governance.

As an ERC-20 token, users must pay Ethereum gas fees if they move ILV and sILV. As these fees can sometimes be expensive, it is not yet clear how they have successfully integrated ERC-20 transactions into the game and how affordable it is for everyone. You can find the latest market price and historical highs of Illuvium on Binance and Coinmarketcap.

How to stake Illuvium (LV) Users who stake ILV can earn rewards through two different methods:

  1. By staking ILV in the Illuvium Vault and earning staking rewards.
  2. By providing liquidity to the Illuvium liquidity pool on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or Sushiswap, and earning trading fees and IL

Regenerate response

If you want to stake ILV, you must transfer ILV to an external wallet that can be connected to a DApp, such as Metamask or Binance Chain Wallet.

  1. Connect your wallet to the Illuvium staking DApp.

  1. Next, we will proceed to the [Core Pool].
  1. Here, you can stake ILV or ILV/ETH liquidity pool (LP) tokens on SushiSwap. Click on [Stake] for the pool you want to join.
  2. Choose between [Flexible] or [Locked] pool. Locked pool allows you to double your rewards depending on the time you lock your stake (up to one year). Input the amount you want to stake, then click [Stake] to confirm.
  3. Additionally, you can also stake partner tokens on the Lightning pool to earn ILV and sILV rewards.
  4. When claiming your rewards, you can choose between ILV or sILV. As mentioned earlier, the system provides sILV rewards instantly, but you can only claim ILV rewards after one year.

Summary With the launch of the ILV cryptocurrency and the decentralized finance (DeFi) staking platform, Illuvium has garnered a lot of popularity, attraction, and trading volume. Since its release, the price of Illuvium has also shown steady growth. While the game mechanics are similar to other blockchain games such as "Axie Infinity," "Illuvium" seems to have a higher quality appearance, feel, and functionality. Will this game become one of the first AAA-level experiences with a substantial budget in the world of NFT games? We must wait patiently until the testing phase arrives in 2022 to find out.

The Rise of GameFi: The Future of Gaming and Finance

GameFi, a combination of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), is the latest buzzword in the world of blockchain technology. With the rise of NFTs and blockchain-based gaming, GameFi is poised to revolutionize the way we think about gaming and finance.


GameFi is a new type of gaming experience that allows players to earn cryptocurrency and other digital assets through gameplay. In traditional games, players spend money to buy in-game assets, but in GameFi, players can earn rewards and profit from playing the game. The rewards are in the form of cryptocurrency or other digital assets, which can be traded on exchanges for real-world money.

GameFi is based on DeFi, which is a decentralized financial system that operates on the blockchain. DeFi allows users to access financial services such as lending, borrowing, and trading without the need for intermediaries like banks. GameFi brings this concept to the gaming world, allowing players to earn rewards without intermediaries.

One of the key features of GameFi is the use of NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are stored on the blockchain. In the gaming world, NFTs can represent in-game items, such as weapons, characters, and skins. NFTs allow players to truly own their in-game assets, as they are stored on the blockchain and cannot be duplicated or destroyed.

GameFi is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to change the gaming industry forever. By allowing players to earn cryptocurrency and other digital assets through gameplay, GameFi is creating a new type of gaming experience that is more immersive and engaging than traditional games. It also has the potential to democratize finance by allowing anyone to access financial services through gaming.

In the future, we can expect to see more GameFi projects emerge, as developers continue to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. As more players enter the GameFi ecosystem, we can also expect to see new types of gameplay and innovative uses of NFTs.

In conclusion, GameFi is the future of gaming and finance. It combines the best of both worlds, allowing players to earn rewards through gameplay and access financial services without intermediaries. As GameFi continues to evolve, it has the potential to create a new type of gaming experience that is more immersive, engaging, and rewarding than anything we've seen before.


Introduction to Various GameFi Games

GameFi, the combination of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), is gaining popularity in the blockchain industry. With the rise of NFTs and blockchain-based gaming, more and more GameFi games are emerging. In this article, we'll introduce some of the most popular GameFi games on the market.

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game that allows players to battle and collect creatures called Axies. Players can earn cryptocurrency called Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) by participating in battles, completing quests, and breeding Axies. The game has gained a huge following and has even launched its own scholarship program to allow players in developing countries to earn money through the game.

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world where players can create, share, and monetize their gaming experiences. Players can buy virtual land using the game's cryptocurrency, SAND, and build whatever they want on it. The Sandbox has already seen some impressive creations, such as a virtual version of the Eiffel Tower and a recreation of the famous game, Pong.

  1. My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a game that allows players to collect and breed digital pets called DeFi pets. Players can earn cryptocurrency called DPET by participating in battles and completing quests. The game has a unique breeding system that allows players to combine different types of DeFi pets to create new and more powerful ones.

  1. Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a mobile game that combines elements of RPG and strategy games. Players can collect and upgrade heroes, and form a guild with other players to battle against enemy guilds. The game has a unique token called GOG, which can be earned by participating in battles and completing quests.

  1. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based game that allows players to mine resources and explore planets in a virtual galaxy. Players can earn cryptocurrency called Trilium by mining resources, which can be used to purchase virtual items and trade on exchanges.

  1. Illuvium

Illuvium is a new GameFi game that combines elements of collecting, battling, and role-playing. Players can collect and train creatures called Illuvials, which have unique traits and abilities. The game features a decentralized marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade Illuvials using the game's cryptocurrency, ILV. Players can also earn ILV by participating in battles and completing quests.

Illuvium stands out for its stunning 3D graphics and immersive gameplay, which has garnered a lot of attention from the gaming community. The game also features a unique ecosystem where players can stake ILV to earn rewards and participate in the governance of the game's development.

In conclusion, GameFi games are changing the way we think about gaming and finance. By allowing players to earn cryptocurrency and other digital assets through gameplay, GameFi games are creating new opportunities for gamers around the world. With more and more GameFi games emerging, we can expect to see innovative gameplay and new uses of blockchain technology in the future

Introducing Stunning 3D Graphics in GameFi

The GameFi industry, which combines gaming and decentralized finance, is seeing a surge in popularity. With more and more blockchain-based games emerging, the demand for high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay is growing. In this article, we'll introduce some of the most stunning 3D graphics GameFi games on the market.

  1. Illuvium

Illuvium is a new GameFi game that stands out for its stunning 3D graphics and immersive gameplay. The game features a collection of creatures called Illuvials, which have unique traits and abilities. The creatures are designed with incredible detail, making them look and feel like they're alive. The game also features a beautiful, immersive environment that players can explore as they battle and collect Illuvials.

  1. Ember Sword

Ember Sword is an upcoming MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with breathtaking 3D graphics. The game features a rich, open world where players can explore, battle, and craft their way through the game. Ember Sword has a unique art style that combines realistic graphics with a touch of fantasy, making for a stunning visual experience.

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world where players can create and share their gaming experiences. The game's 3D graphics are impressive, with a vibrant and detailed environment that players can explore and build in. The game features a unique voxel art style, which gives it a distinct look and feel.

  1. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based game that features stunning 3D graphics and engaging gameplay. The game allows players to collect and battle with creatures called Splinters, which are designed with incredible detail and precision. The game's immersive environment and unique art style make it a visually stunning experience.

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular blockchain-based game that features cute and colorful creatures called Axies. The game's 3D graphics are stunning, with intricate details on each of the Axies. The game's battles and quests take place in a vibrant, immersive environment that captures the imagination.

In conclusion, stunning 3D graphics are an important part of the GameFi experience. These games offer an immersive and visually stunning world for players to explore and engage with. With more and more GameFi games emerging, we can expect to see even more innovative graphics and gameplay that push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming.