Today I'm being a bit lazy, so let's casually chat about making money online.

Making money online is always a hot topic on the internet, after all.

After all, who wouldn't want to earn money with just a few clicks of the mouse or by playing with their smartphone?

It seems like I started exploring online money-making opportunities back in college. At the beginning, I naively clicked on ads to earn money. I remember there were two well-known ad-clicking websites: one was Donkeymail, and the other was No-Minimum. I think that's how they were spelled, but I'm not sure if I remember correctly. Clicking on an ad would earn you anywhere from a few cents to a few cents. Besides clicking on ads on their websites, you could also click on ads in emails.


Later on, I got involved with survey websites, both domestic and international ones. Even now, some websites still send me survey emails. One of the well-known survey sites I participated in in us was called Valued Opinions. I remember the domain name had something to do with "value," and it seemed quite reputable. I received payments from them, which were in the form of gift cards, similar to cashback programs like Rakuten, where they provide gift cards instead of cash.

Moving on, I started working and learned about SEO and SEM. I made some money by building websites for others and taking on SEO projects. In the grand scheme of things, it was just some extra income and didn't go too deep.

To sum it up, all of these were just scratching the surface of online money-making. To earn more and have lasting income, you need to establish your own money-making system and develop a set of effective methodologies.

What works for others may not necessarily work for you. If you can't convince yourself, it's better to explore your own strategies. Some people enjoy offering training, taking on apprentices, and teaching valuable skills in exchange for tuition fees. Others, however, may exploit others or engage in deception in this industry, and there are many variations.

Nobody dislikes money or earning it, right? Whether you earn 10 dollars and aim for 100 or make a million and aim for a billion, there's always more money in the world than you can make in a short time.

So, personally, I'm quite laid-back about making money. I go with the flow, research slowly with a calm mind, and build connections with like-minded "colleagues" who support each other along the way.

Just yesterday, a new offer brought in around 2 dollars in commission, but I ended up spending five or six dollars on advertising fees, so the profit wasn't great. I'll need to optimize it tomorrow.

That's it for today.

Feel free to follow along and let's make money together.



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