A brief chat about the new Google ads ads campaign easy to make mistakes

In Google Ads new ads campaign, the keywords are easy to appear the problem. Then today as a starting point, I encountered some easy to encounter the problem point out.

For your reference.

  • I. Keywords

    In addition to what the Planet article said about health care/medicine keywords getting hit back by Google for modifications, the gun family of words is likely to be reviewed as well. But this I'm not so sure, once I was running a United States of America outdoor products offer, hunting guns can push at first, but then prompted a violation of the rules and regulations, requiring modification or deletion.

    To summarize, be careful with keywords in sensitive categories, including but not limited to:

    Health care/medical/pharmaceutical related;

    Gun related (although the old U.S. can carry guns, but the placement is still very strict);

    Software related (tried a desktop software placement very early, it seems to be very strict requirements, follow up and study);

    Adult product related (this category can be placed, but will limit the display, but overall the problem is not complicated).



  • Second, advertisement title and description

    This thing involves the ads on line, in the SERPs, CTR high and low, and the CTR value changes, but also has a certain significance on the ranking. Need to pay attention to the following main points:

    There should not be too many capital letters, of the stacked kind;

    Do not appear inappropriate punctuation, such as the Chinese commonly used three dots "...", is not allowed;

    Do not appear meaningless spaces.

Third, about bidding

With branded bidding, many times you can get traffic with a very low CPC. If it is a dollar account, then the minimum is 1 cent ($0.01). So, is it possible to get more than 1 cent internal CPC?

The answer is yes.
It's very simple, just be flexible.

In addition, for the time being and so on there should not be too much to pay attention to, such as displaying the country region, language are minor issues. If there is more information about the merchant, such as phone number, picture, address, price, etc., can be put up as additional information.

Experience comes with running, and you can become very proficient at putting up cooked ads over and over again.

Feel free to share, watch, like and get money together!


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